Organizing Banquets and Receptions

Frankly, visitors come to a party with the simple desire to "eat, drink and be merry." A festive banquet spread is perhaps the most important part of the party, which speaks volumes not only about the financial welfare of the hosts, but also of respect for the guests. At Lesnaya Zaimka, you can be sure that your banquet table will not be simple, but at just the right level: We are good at pleasant surprises! Key festive dishes for catering, such as baked whole pig or lamb roasted on a spit, which are prepared only in our restaurant, become the culinary highlight of a party. A festive meal from Lesnaya Zaimka will be fondly recalled for a long while.

500 people: our restaurant can fit, feed, and entertain this number of guests.

When the event does not involve special gastronomic considerations, the abilities of the staff at Lesnaya Zaimka shine in sustaining the proper tone, organizing the menu and serving dishes, making food the perfect background to events, and placing guests in positions, which facilitate communication. Buffet Dishes are different and interesting and are served on mirrors.

At Lesnaya Zaimka, special focus is given to staff training and motivation. The restaurant often hosts high-level events, so we are well versed in satisfying even the most demanding clients.


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